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Name:Lacrimula Falsa
Website:my account
Disclaimer: The ideas are mine. The worlds and characters are not. I write for fun, not for profit.

Hi, I'm Lacrimula Falsa. My screen name is Latin and translates to "false tear". I'm a hobby author and fanart/fanfiction enthusiast. English is my second language and I use BE spelling and expressions because that's what I learned. Feel free to message me here, on or on LiveJournal.

Additional Disclaimer: The views, opinions and beliefs present in my stories do not necessarily reflect my own views, opinions and beliefs. All similarities of my Original Characters (OCs) to existing characters/real people are coincidental.

Find me here:
Archive of Our Own*:**:
LiveJournal [for messaging purposes only]:

*I update on first. Updates on AO3 usually follow within 48 hours.
**My works on are text-only. For the occasional cover art and/or fan photo, visit AO3.
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